I am walking home in an unfamilar street when a dog appears beside me. I notice that it does not have any legs but instead its legs have been replaced by wooden poles. The dog also seems to be on wheels and resembles a rocking horse. There is writing on the side of the dog and it appears to belong to Capability Scotland.

I look over to the distance and I can see the postman at my door. He appears to be posting an inflatable sex doll through the letterbox however he is unable to push it through. I seem embarrassed therefore I walk back up the hill with the dog. A car stops beside me. There is a woman in the car. The car is green and has the words “Capability Scotland” on the door. She gets out the car and picks up the dog. She drives off.

My mother appears with the inflatable doll over her shoulder. She tells me that the postman tried to deliver it earlier today.

Dreaming Location: Caerphilly,Wales
Time Recorded: 9am