I am in Stockbridge walking down my own street to the shops. I walk into a new shop which has just opened.  It appears to be an internet cafe. I walk around and sit down through the back at a computer.

As soon as I sit down a man who may be foreign sits down next to me. He tells me about his idea for a computer game based on dreams. His idea is very basic so I give him some help. I advise him to include some dream characters in the game. Some good and some bad. These will represent the aggressive and friendly dream characters.

This information seems to help him and he stands up in front of everyone in the cafe and gives a presentation. I turn away and look back. He seems to be giving the presentation in a rubber Michael Jackson mask. His speech however is quite amusing. After he finishes the speech, he calls his tutor on his mobile. Apparently he is a student and this is going to be his project.

A little later I walk into Greggs and the student is behind the counter. He is now extremely tall. I ask a woman behind the counter if I could have a particular roll. The roll is on top of a fridge which she can’t reach. She goes over to the student and asks him to get the roll for me. He hands me the roll in a bag. I open the bag and realise that he has in fact given me two rolls. He walks around the counter and we sit down. I ask him how his project is going. He says: Great. He asks me what I am getting out of helping him. I shrug.  What can I do for you in return? he says nodding his head toward the counter inferring some kind of sexual act. I realise that he is joking and I say to him: Nothing, I don’t want anything in return.

I now find myself in a living room. There are many people spread around the room, mainly along the walls. We all seem to be waiting for a young girl to perform a song. I look over at her and she seems to be crying as the woman accompanying her on the piano is not playing in the right key.

Dreaming Location: Stockbridge, Edinburgh
Time Recorded: 7.00am