I observe four young children stab another child voilently with a penknife. I do not feel any sympathy toward the child as it does not appear to feel any of the stab wounds. As I walk away I throw down a larger knife for the children to use.

I now find myself driving R around town. The roads are covered in snow and ice. I am trying to arrange a driving lesson and I am looking for the instructors house. The instructor is infact one of the Jedward twins although I cannot remember his name. I pull up to the house and park the car but there is a notice on the window which states ‘house closed’.

I now find myself grabbing a prostitutes arm. She is wearing a pink knitted dress. I notice that she is extremely old. The prostitute has not stayed the full hour as I only got a train from Fife at 6pm and it is not yet 7 pm. I grab her arm tighter so that she cannot leave and ask her to return my wallet and the other items she stole. I open her purse and take out my wallet and some other items that I dont recognise and let her leave out the back door.

I look out the window and watch as the prostitute turns into a rabbit or a puppy carrying a platic bag and handbag in her mouth. I feel sorry for her so I go outside and hold the platic bag open as she runs into the bag collecting items and placing them into her handbag.

A little later I am sitting listening to a girl giving instructions on a particular survelliance technique. A man behind me. Is distracting her and everyone by unscrewing something from a radiator. I look up at the blackboard and can see coded messages and drawings relating to people who are currently under survelliance.