28th November 2000

I finally got to the end of the corridor. My path was confronted with yellow ‘police line don’t cross’ tape.  I walked through it. The ground below me was wet because there had been two men washing it with hard brushes. I noticed them walking away.  As I kept on walking I realised that the men were washing away blood, I could still see traces of it on the ground.  It was still fresh. I was not scared although I knew I was not safe. I walk out of the exit and followed a crowd of people up this steep hill. It was dark. The ground was slippery. Someone in front on me had just fallen. I concentrated as hard as possible to make sure I didn’t fall to save my embarrassment.

29th November 2000

The ground was covered in snow.  All four of us were running towards the wall in the distance. We were soldiers carrying our machine guns in our hands.  We were being chased. The enemy was behind us.  He was a lone soldier on horseback but we all feared him. I felt a numbness in my back. I had been shot. I fell to the ground.  I am still alive. I look around but the other three were dead.

I got up and continued towards the wall.  The enemy soldier gets off his horse and stands at the wall blocking my path. The soldier took off his helmet.  I know the person. It was a young girl. I fired my machine gun at her and she fell to the ground.  I hadn’t killed her she was just dazed.  I look up at the wall. Half way up the wall is a grey gas meter.  I stretched and turned the handle  which switched on the gas. I ran back to the girl. The girl wakes up and started shouting at me.  I took out a black lighter from my pocket.  I threw it at the wall with the aim of igniting the gas.  It fell well short.  I ran over to it and threw the lighter again. This time it hit the top of the wall making a spark. The whole area explodes. It starts to snow.

30th November 2000

I went into a cubicle in a public toilet. The cubicle was massive with a toilet in the centre of the room.  I locked the door behind me. Before I got the chance to sit down an old Jewish woman appeared ghost like from the back of the room.  She was carrying her handbag hooked on her right arm and in her left arm she had a tray with two brown bread sandwiches.  She was walking towards the door and she was pretending not to notice me. Maybe she wasn’t aware that I was there. She stopped at the door because it was locked. She looked confused.  I watched her as she knocked herself against the door like a child’s remote controlled car or robot that had just got stuck.  I went over to the door and unlocked it for her. She walked out.

Dreaming Location: Fife