I went for a long trek with a large group of strangers. Half way through our trek we were stopped in our tracks by a school PE teacher. He forced us to play a game of basketball. The fact is I really hate basketball it’s a silly game. I therefore grabbed the ball and bounced it a few times before kicking it into the air in disgust, but this just starts the match. I was terrible to begin with but seemed to get better as the match progressed. I remember being fouled near the basket and getting three free shots. Unfortunately the basket was not a basket but a massive TV entertainment system. I managed to get two out of three.

I walked through a corridor, there were three doors to my right hand side. Each door had a white blanket hanging from it. I turn away then look back towards the doors. Three Dutch prostitutes dressed in what seemed to be nurse’s uniforms appeared suddenly in front of the middle door. They all looked over at me then whispered some words in Dutch to each other then vanished.

I then made my way upstairs to where I was staying. My mother and father stayed downstairs while I stayed upstairs with my girlfriend. It was important that we were not disturbed. I slept on the top bunk with my girlfriend. I remember getting up during the night to go to the toilet. Instead of going to the toilet I went to the sink. For some reason I couldn’t go so I stood in front of the bed on a raised platform near the door and started urinating. I notice that I have an erection at the same time. In mid flow the door opened and a girl was stood at the door. I continue to urinate onto her face but this does not faze her in the slightest. My girlfriend sat up in her bed and both girls stared at my penis. This did not bother me in the slightest. However after a few minutes I realised the girl standing at the door was not a girl but a shemale.