Dream 27th July 2004

Torture. I watch a shadowy figure open my stomach and pour sand into it. There is a girl in the background, I feel I should speak to her although I do not know what to say. All i can taste is sand. Electrical wires have now been attached to my nipples. I do not want any white bread I will only eat brown. I am physically exhausted.

Dream 29th July 2004

A fast walking vixen meets me in the car park after I have just skipped the queue in a bakery. We talk for a while as we walk. She informs me that the date of my birth was an important Jewish holiday. I contemplate this for a while then convince myself that I may have been Jewish at some point in my life (or lives).

I sit down in an underground cafe on a seat that is already taken, reserved by a lady’s glove. I remove the glove and throw it onto the floor. A young child picks it up and runs. I give chase down some steps but give up quickly, without really making an effort. I stop and enter a room on the ground floor. I arrange some bunk beds so that they are parallel to the far wall. This pleases me as the window is now just above the top bunk. I notice two baskets of equal size on the floor. One is full of action figures, while the other one is empty. One by one I move the action figures from one basket to the other until I am interrupted by someone entering the room.