I find myself walking on a bridge in Edinburgh. I am listening to the new Ian Brown album “My Way” on my ipod. I click to track 2 however the song I was expecting is replaced by a new version or remix of the Stone Roses “Ten Storey Love Song”. I become distracted as a work colleague appears in front of me. We talk for a while about where he is going however I cannot recall any detail.

A little later I am waiting outside a large school or library on R. I am again listening to my ipod but unsure of what is playing. I appear to be agitated as I expected R. to have appeared by now. I decide to go in search of her. As I reach the door I notice two work colleagues are sitting on the roof with their legs swinging in the doorway. I acknowledge them and walk in.

Dreaming Location: Stockbridge, Edinburgh
Time Recorded: 7.30am