I find myself in a lecture hall. I look up at the wall and I can see a religious symbol which seems to change shape each time I look at it. I realise I am waiting on a religious speaker appearing on stage however I have the feeling that I am not going to agree with what will be said. I notice that I am wearing a vicars collar which I try and hide with my hand. I get up and move seats and sit in the middle of the lecture hall. As soon as I sit down a girl behind me starts nudging me from behind telling me that she cannot see. I look on the stage and it is still empty. I start to see the whole crowd as hostile toward me due to the fact I am wearing a vicars collar which seems to be in contrast to what is about to be said on stage. I move seats again.

I sit on the front row at the far right of the stage next to a television screen. I look up again at the symbol and it changes shape into something resembling an infinity symbol. A film starts to play on the television and the religious speaker finally appears on stage.

Dream Location: Stockbridge, Edinburgh
Time Recorded: 8.50am