I am in a hotel. I open a door and there is a baby or small child hiding there. It appears to be lost. The child is strange as it is acting more like a dog or toy than a human. I pick up the child by the back of its jumper and say to him: where is your mother? What are you doing here? I appear to be quite rough with the child and seem to be treating it as a soft toy. I put it down then pick it up again and the child has transformed into an envelope from the post office. I open up the envelope and there is a credit card inside. I press a button on the credit card and the child cries. It seems to be a homing beacon and it leads me to the child’s/card’s house.

As I stand outside the house I realise that it is now late at night. I open the front door of the house and walk in. The card is still crying. The card’s family hear its cries and run down the stairs. I hand over the card and they are reunited. 

I think to myself that the house looks familiar. I end up getting my photo taken with the family as they appear to be grateful that their child has been returned to them. I walk out the house. I did not notice at first but now realise that R has been with me all this time. Up until now I have only been aware of her presence but now I actually see her in the distance. She is running to catch up with me.   

I am now running in a hallway back and forth touching the door then the wall. I stop and look at the clock and it is around 9 o’clock. I have just started running and I must not stop until 5 O’clock as I am in training or this may be my job. I am joined briefly by B. I can see him jogging beside me. I tell him that he has to keep this up until 5. He does not seem keen on this idea and stops. I sit down with him and he asks me about the film “He’s just not that into you.” He is going to see it and wonders if it will be any good. I tell him I would give it 2 out of 5 as it is a good storyline but poorly executed. R agrees however she would give it a higher mark. I start running again but stop at the front door. I open the door and there is a strange pac man screen in front of me. It may be an evil presence. I watch the characters move and I suddenly wake up in the dream in my bed at my old house in Natal Place. My sister enters my room and hands me a sock.

I am now with H and hear someone say: Let’s go to the festival as it isn’t cancelled. We know this as Mk and his mother were in town and noticed it was just a few shops that had closed. I walk out to go to the festival but I seem to be walking with different people. Someone drops their coat on the ground and I pick it up and carry it for him. I realise that this is something I wouldn’t normally do but do it nevertheless. I seem to have acknowledged that this person is leading us. We walk into a pub. In the pub we walk down some stairs. As I reach the bottom of the stairs I go over to the corner and urinate in a urinal as it appears to be a male toilet.

I am now at a computer station outside and I appear to be at work. There are a few of us working. We seem to be working late. The general public are walking about around us. A child stops beside me and picks up some money that was lying on the grass. This money belonged to us. I look over and I can see the child’s parents. They may be Indian. The woman says to me aggressively: What are you looking at? The woman walks away with the man and child although I realise that she will likely return.

A little later the woman returns. It is now 1am. Our manager, who I do not recognise, chases the woman into a shop and punches her hard on the face. The scene is quite outrageous and I did not expect him to punch her. However, I notice that the woman runs away smiling and laughing like it was all staged.

I walk into the shop which appears to be a butchers shop. I start turning a handle and blood and meat starts to squish out of a tube. This repulses me and I say: I hate meat I want to be a vegetarian again.

I am now walking down a street and I realise I have to catch a plane with D’s parents. The plane however has been delayed a few hours. I think to myself I must phone D’s parents but either decide against it or cannot build up the courage to do so.

I watch as someone stops their car at a gate. As the open the door of their car I wake up.

Dreaming Location: Dominican Republic