I was living on a farm with a few of the people who I had been fruit picking with. The owner of the farm was more likened to a dad to all of us. The problem was he was never around. He seemed to enjoy playing rugby at all hours of the day.

The first time I saw him was in the living room. My sister and some unknown girl were in the room with me when he entered. He came in wearing a yellow T-shirt with matching shorts. His clothes were muddy from playing rugby. He ignored me and went straight over to my sister and the girl. He told them off for not parking their cars properly in the driveway. He points out to them in an aggressive manner that he could get fined for that. He walks out of the room without acknowledging my presence.

I wandered outside looking for something to do. I stood in the drive way and practised my foreign accents. A girl appears from out of nowhere. She stood beside me staring into space. She was really thin, she must have been anorexic. I couldn’t help staring at her cheekbones, which I though were magnificent. I grabbed a chair and sat down in the middle of the driveway.

The girl looked at me and knelt down in front of my chair. She started speaking in French which I presumed was her attempt at impressing me. It worked because I have heard from someone that she has the most amazing French accent. This was confirmed on hearing it. The girl kept speaking in French monologue. I just sat there listening and staring at her cheekbones. The speech went on for some time. I noticed that with every sentence her cheekbones became more and more prominent. Her face was sinking. She was definitely getting thinner. Her skin started to disappear and eventually parts of her skull were visible. This did not bother me in the slightest. Suddenly she stopped speaking. She had no skin left on her face. There was just a skull in front of me. I bent down and kissed her on her left cheekbone. I liked the taste so I bent down again and licked her right one.