I appear to be in Mongolia. I am with R and another unknown female. We are walking together inside castle grounds. I look down and notice the ground is covered in large stone patterned slabs. The woman speaks to a Mongolian man who seems to be a security guard for the castle. I watch as R and the woman walk into a narrow passageway. I hear one of them scream. It is the woman. They both retreat. The scream was due to “brandle’s”. The word brandle in the dream is defined as:

“the inability to move or turn the top part of your body in an enclosed space which leads to a feeling of claustrophobia”.

We all walk into another part of the castle which is covered in plastic. It seems to be a toy shop or charity shop. I pick up a doll and receive a phone call. I answer. A woman starts to ask me questions about the doll. I hear people walking toward me so I put the phone down and hide the doll. I now spend the remainder of the dream trying to claim the doll back. I watch as a Mongolian man throws toast up in the air. He then proceeds to place slices of toast strategically around the room. Suddenly I become aware that a man has been stood in the same spot throughout the dream. He has been throwing objects high into the air and catching them.

Dream Location: Stockbridge, Edinburgh
Time Recorded: 7.00am