I am lying in a massive bed with 12 other people of various ages. We all awake from the same dream at the same time.  As I look around each person is pretending to light up a cigarette. Everyone sighs at the same time.  The person to my right lights up an invisible cigarette with a real lighter. Although he did not have a cigarette, smoke starts appearing from his mouth.

I look to the far end of the bed. There is a fat man lying there, he seems to be either the head of the family or the boss.  However, instead of lighting a cigarette on waking this man lights a drumstick and starts smoking it.  I ask him why he is smoking a drum stick.  He tells me that he has had enough of smoking cigarettes and we must all try and give up.

A little later I go to the local Spar shop and Mrs G. is there stacking shelves in the shop.  This is a bit of a shock as she is a procurator fiscal.