4th January 2004 – Dream:

I have just been handed a football, which is in fact a bomb. I hold it in my left hand and notice that it is slowly deflating. I look around for help but no one is around. My surroundings are familiar therefore I run toward a field where I know I can dispose of the bomb. As I run the football changes into a balloon and starts to deflate more rapidly.

Dream on 24th January 2004:

I was running for a train with my mother. My mother decides to take a short cut through a public park on her own. Entry to the park is forbidden. I stop and watch in horror as a group of zombies encircle her like a pack of wolves then rape her. I wake up instantly.

Lucid Dream on 26th January 2004:

I am walking out of Asda supermarket when I notice a ‘matrix’ glitch in the dream. A woman who has already walked past me does so again. Then the dream rewinds and the woman walks past me for a third time. I instantly recognise this as a dream and become lucid. Since I am aware that this is a dream (and therefore no one can be hurt) I attack all the dream characters that are in close vicinity. Firstly, I punch an attractive young woman on the face repeatedly until she falls to the ground. I bounce around the supermarket car park punching people as I land. The freedom to do this is extremely exhilarating.

Dreaming Location: Dunfermline, Fife