I seem to be on holiday with my family. I am staying in an expensive hotel or cruise ship. We are being filmed for a TV show or documentary. I am sitting at a table with my father who looks completely different to how he does in reality. I realise this however I accept that he is my father. A waitress or employee of the TV company comes over to our table. She cuts up the meat on my fathers plate so that he will not choke. This will ensure the TV company cannot be sued. The meat she is cutting appears to be corned beef or something of similar texture.

A little later and I am watching my father sing Karaoke. Later still I switch on the TV and my father is on TV singing the song I had just heard him sing.

I go for a walk around the cruise ship and stumble into the première of a film about dolphins. I climb over a few seats and sit down. I seem to have a wreath tied to my back which jabs into my back. I turn around and acknowledge a Japanese man sitting behind me. I do not know him but he seems to be interested in me. As the film progresses the Japanese man puts his hand on my shoulder. I turn around and stare at him aggressively. He moves away.

Dreaming Location: Stockbridge, Edinburgh
Time Recorded: 7.30am