As I was walking past the chip shop on Cowdenbeath high street I found it difficult to walk. I had passed the shop before and had no trouble whatsoever. It was like my feet were not responding to my mind and I struggled to put one foot in front of the other. I was stuck outside the chip shop with strangers staring at me but the more I tried to get away from their stares the harder it became to walk.

I finally got the hang of walking again and escaped the stares. I realised that I had spent such a long time learning to walk again I am now late for school. I start to run. I run up stairs to the class. Outside the class there was a double bed outside the door. I dived onto the bed like a sprinter for the line. As I lay there I looked up at the clock above me. The clock was showing 8 o’clock instead of 9 which is what I thought it was. I realised that I was 1 hour early and the classroom and whole building was deserted.

I looked up at the clock again to make sure but instead of going forward the clock was going backwards. I stood there staring at the clock. It was a mirror image of the time. The clock kept going backwards in periods of around an hour until eventually people started to turn up outside the classroom. However they were all walking backwards.

I walked into the classroom the normal way but quickly I realised it was a trap. I am captured and held hostage. I am placed in a cot type prison with my head sticking out the back facing on to the room. The cot was next to the door and there was another person in a cot ‘cell’ next to me.

The man who was holding us here puts his black jeans on a black caterpillar boot which is up against the wall just to the right of the door trying to cover it. However he realises he hasn’t managed to cover it fully as the top of the boot can still be seen so he goes back and tries again. I say to the person next to me that things like that annoy me as well when you can’t leave things showing through. The man tells me to shut up as its none of my business and decides to let more of the boot show just to annoy me which it does. We never manage to escape.