I am on a bus sitting near the back. I notice that someone is giving out REM sleep tablets. A little later I am sitting in the living room in my parents house. My sister is speaking to my mother, however my sister seems to be a cat. I watch the cat whisper in my mother’s ear then my mother whispers into the cat’s ear. The cats eyes go comedy large like a cartoon. The whispers seem to be about a cat who used to be scared but now is terrorising our own cat.

I am now upstairs in a house. My mother tells me she will make lasagne for breakfast. I tell her that is nonsense. I look around an I am now in a shop. I am looking at Ian Brown records on the floor. They are all songs that I haven’t heard before. Ian Brown himself has left them there. I pick one up and it seems to be a package with four 7″ singles stuck together. There is no sleeve on the record. I collect all of his records from the floor and place them in the corner of the room. There is daddy long legs on the wall so I hit it. The insect doesn’t die at first so I hit it again.

I am talking to my father about his aerial business. He tells me his brother is going to look after his business for a while. He had someone else lined up who was a professional runner, however he was also a part time soldier in Iraq and because of this my father decided against using him.

I am now watching the runner win a race. The camera pans out to the rest of the scene. I seem to be in an athletics field and I am watching what appears to be a decathlon or something similar taking place. I start walking along Stenhouse Street in Cowdenbeath. M is walking in front of me with an unknown man. I catch up with them however my intention was to be on my own. I look down and I have a book or a notepad in my hand. We walk to Natal Place where I watch M and the other man re-enact a scene from a Robert De Niro film. The acting is quite professional and both sound like the characters in the film. M is wearing a wig.

Dreaming Location: Dominican Republic