I enter a cubicle in a public toilet. I sit down on the toilet and get an erection. I proceed to give myself a blow job.

A little later I am walking to school. I realise that I am too old to go to school as I’m 25. Nevertheless, I am walking with a girl who I assume is my girlfriend. We appear to be in love. We hold hands as we walk. We are joined by another couple of young lovers who seem to do exactly the same as we do. They mimic every one of our movements. This annoys me.

All of a sudden my phone rings and I drop it on the floor due to the shock of it ringing. A man, who I can tell is insane simply by looking at him, picks the phone up and hands it to me. He talks to me about my phone for a while then he takes a phone from his inside pocket which turns out to be the exact same phone as my own. This astounds me.