I find myself sitting on a couch with R. We seem to be in someone’s living room. I look around and I can see other people sitting on couches. I look behind me and the singer from Edinburgh band Meursault is singing and playing an acoustic guitar. He seems to be playing what’s up by the 4 non blondes. After a short while everyone (except myself and R) gets up and leaves the room. However, this does not seem to be due to the music that is being played as most of the people are leaving the room with a terrified look on their faces. I get up off the couch and look out the window. It seems that there is a snow storm outside and I make the assumption that the people are leaving as they may fear being snowed in. I walk over to the singer and he stops playing. I tell him that I really like the song he was playing however I become confused and believe he was playing Cannonball by the Breeders.

The three of us leave the room and walk outside. I become aware that I am in Liverpool. I also notice that there is no snow outside. We wander around until I hear R shout behind me. Apparently she has found a minibus. I turn around and watch her walk into a pub. I follow her in.

The inside of the pub seems to be a living room or bedroom. I look around the room and there are photos on the walls. I am drawn to one photograph in particular. It is a large black and white portrait of me standing on rocks by the sea. I turn around and start discussing Liverpool football club. I tell a stranger that I have recently emailed Liverpool FC to find out who Jamie Carragher’s agent is.

I wake up early around 7am in order to sunbathe. I walk outside and there are a few people already there sunbathing on the grass. I am interrupted as someone shouts over to me as I had left my magazines. The magazines are handed to me on a tray. I open up one of the magazines and it appears to be pornographic or illegal. I go for a walk and stumble upon two people sitting at a computer. I wish to use the computer so I tell them to hurry up. They ignore me. I can see another computer so I sit down and go onto the internet. I find the magazines homepage however I find it repulsive. My Aunt appears and she asks me what I am doing. I quickly close down the browser however I am not sure if she saw the images on the website.

Dreaming Location: Stockbridge, Edinburgh
Time Recorded: 7.30am