I am in a house which may be my house. I walk into the bathroom and look up and there is no ceiling. There seems to be Polish and Nigerian builders working away upstairs on the ceiling. Two of the workers are looking down at me. I say to someone in the bathroom: Should I go anyway? I proceed to sit on the toilet. I look up again and the foreman has asked all the workers to stop looking down at me. The workers now have their back to me and seem to have formed a semi circle around the hole in the ceiling. It is not clear but they all appear to be urinating.

I make my way upstairs to the room where I believe the workers are. They have all gone. However, I find R in the room. She is holding a note that one of the workers had given her. She hands me the note. I look at it. It is hand written and seems to have been written by a girl who is missing. I walk out of the room with R and I become aware that we are being accompanied by some others. I turn around and there is a blonde French girl behind me. I hold the door open for her. She walks through.

A little later I meet up with R again. We seem to be at work or in a department store. I go over to the water cooler and pour myself a drink. R comes over. I say to her: ‘there is something strange in the house because when I was in the bathroom the bath tap was running’. Apparently someone had left it on.

I am now in a narrow corridor or cupboard with two others. It seems to be a meditation or dream enhancing corridor. There is a fog or haze around and everything seems to be blue. I manage to find a door and things begin to get clearer. The door opens.

Dreaming Location: Dominican Republic