I find myself in a science museum or old university. It is a large building with many rooms and floors. It appears to be an open day and people are able to wander the building freely. I am climbing black and white tiled steps when I realise I should have taken my bag ( I believe I have left it in my previous lecture). I wander around looking for the anatomy department just so I can have a look. However, I seem to have stumbled across the botanical section of the museum. I find hundreds of plants lined up on tables. These plants seem to be part of an experiment. Most of the plants have the ability to move their roots and leaves and seem to be animal like in nature. I watch as a colleague from work picks up a plants and adds some liquid to the soil. The plant springs into action moving its leaves erratically. I notice a bathroom at the back of the room and urinate in the toilet (when I wake up I need to urinate).

I wander around the room and a lecturer or teacher notices me and tells me I am holding an Aviva plant (named after the finance/insurance company). The teacher gives a lecture to a few people who have now gathered in the middle of the room. However, I do not listen to the lecture as I become distracted by two blue piranha fish swimming in a upright oblong tank. Their is a large fish lying dead at the bottom of tank. It is around ten times the size of the piranha. I watch the piranha devour the larger fish like Tasmanian devils. I remember being amazed and in awe of power of these piranha fish. I wake up.

Dreaming Location: Stockbridge, Edinburgh
Time Recorded: 5.50am