I find myself in a concentration camp or complex where people have been brainwashed. They seem to be walking around to the same step. However, I am not part of this and seem to be able to think freely. Someone hands me a glowing circular object and I throw it over the wall and jump over after it. I land in a pond.

I walk around the complex but notice that people have become aware of my presence and it wont be long before I am found out. I can see two people staring at me. They both have red circle’s on their forehead and cheek. As they walk closer to me pointing I can see that there is a number 5 in the middle of the circle. I decide to leave.

I notice there is a queue forming for people who wish to leave and join the peace corp. I join the queue hoping that no one will notice.

Dreaming Location: Stockbridge, Edinburgh
Time Recorded: 7.40am