I walk into supermarket and pick up a bottle of vodka. There is no lid on the bottle so I take a drink. I keep walking but hold my hand around the top of the bottle to make sure no one can see that it is opened. After a while, I try to hide the bottle in the supermarket. I spend a long time looking for a good hiding place. I look up and notice a space on the top shelf where no one would find it. However, there is too many people around so I wait. While I wait I open a drawer and fund magazines and sheet music. I turn around and Columbo is standing behind me. He is kneeling down beside me. He looks at me and says: that sheet music belongs to me, it is my Chinese opera. He gets up and walks away. I notice that the isle is now clear so I hide the bottle behind a fridge.

I am now in a small flat. A black man appears and suggests I do him a favour. The favour is to wank him off. I tell him that he would need to do me a favour first so he walks away. I look over in the corner and there are three TV’s piled on top of each other. The TV in the middle is broken and the top one appears to have fallen through the middle one.

I walk into another house and I shout upstairs to my sister. I ask her if she wants a fish supper. She becomes angry as she was sleeping so I leave. As I walk I get a phone call on my mobile. Someone is asking me when I am going to arrive and which plane will I be getting on. Apparently I am a doctor and I should have been on another island at 7pm. I look at the time and it is now 9.40pm. I tell the person on the other end of the phone that I will get on the 10.15pm flight and hang up the phone. I realise that I have now intention of going on that flight.

I am now joined by R. We walk on a street for a while until we reach a bus shelter. There is a cat lying in the shelter and there is a note or poster above its head. The poster is explaining that the cat is to be part of a show but has stitches which need to be removed. R begins to remove the stitches while I brace myself as I expect the cat to bite me.

I am now a policeman. A robbery has taken place and we are trying to work out what has happened. I am standing outside an ambulance as the forensic team looking through a mans belongings. I tell them that the man used special toothpaste and I believe that these are not his belongings and I suspect foul play. I walk into the ambulance and a few people have gathered. Everyone looks toward me and over my shoulder. I turn around and a movie of the robbery is playing as if by magic. It appears that the robber was carried out by four police officers. I think to myself: yes, I knew the vision would come to me in a corridor – this must be the corridor.

I get on a motorbike and ride to a beach. The beach has some religious significance and seems to be where the Dalai Lama had once stood. It becomes apparent that the Dalai Lama has just died and the beach has now become a sacred place. I notice that parts of the beach have been cordoned off. I set off again on the motorbike but stop to pick up my sister. When we reach the main road the cars in front of us seem to be skidding on the road and are out of control. I can see that a large security van or lorry is spraying water so that no-one can steal the money from the van.

Dreaming Location: Stockbridge, Edinburgh
Time Recorded: 9.15am