Dream Journal Entry – 28th April 2003

I find myself on the roof of a house. There is a tall tree to my right. I look over at the tree and notice that there is a childrens piggy bank hanging from each of its branches.

As i sit talking to someone in my living room we are interrupted by the restless sounds being made by my cat.  I look behind the couch when someone shouts “quick put a plate underneath it.” I grab a plate and place it underneath the convulsing cat. What follows is one of the most disgusting events i have ever witnessed. To begin with the Cat shits a grey liquid followed by two or three dead cats all of which were identical to itself – they had been eaten whole. I wake suddenly. I found it difficult to look at the cat for the rest of the day.

Dream Journal Entry – 22nd April 2003

In Australia I find myself on top of the forth rail bridge which is in fact a large childrens slide. A little later I am part of the special forces aboard a plane awaiting a mission when I suddenly find myself inside a taxi on route to an Island near Sydney. I look in my pocket and notice I have $28 dollars to my name which I realise will not be enough to pay the fair.

Dream Journal Entry – 20th April 2003

I watch WWF ‘Siamese Twin wrestling’ starring Andre the siamese giant.

Dream Journal Entry – 18th April 2003

I lift a toilet seat and a snake shoots out and disappears under the door. I then find myself on top of a cliff where I appear to be part of a special forces unit. I watch as the whole unit jumps off the cliff and glides down into the sea (influenced by the film Air Force One). I refuse to jump and end up back in Somerfield supermarket. It is my first day as a checkout operator.

Dream Journal Entry – 17th April 2003

That glare of silence promoted to the masses withered and died when it reached cult status.

Dream Journal Entry – 16th April 2003

A new brand of Kodak film entitled “Premium” with ISO 87 was unveiled within the dream.

I was sitting at a computer when I decided that I am never going to be able to finish my degree even although i had already done so a few years previously.

Dream Journal Entry – 14th April 2003

I am walking with my father through a park in Australia. I stop when I look up and see a woman sitting on the branch of a tree. She has been bitten by an insect and is screaming as there is another buzzing around her. We stand and watch as the insect lands and attempts to sting the tree. The insect which now appears to be a bee turns into black ash and falls to the ground.

Road safety is important in this dream. I find myself listening to a policewoman pleading with people never to leave their jacket on a speed camera as it has already cost a great deal of lives.

Dream Journal Entry – 12th April 2003

Someone hands me a ticket to a performance of “communication through ballet.” Although the ticket had been paid for the thought of attending the performance was extremely distressing.

Dream Journal Entry – 6th April 2003

A chance meeting in a car park with an anonymous woman leads to the discovery of a green dress
hanging out of the window of the van from scobby doo

Dream Journal Entry – 1st of April 2003

I am sitting on a bench in a piazza in Kirkcaldy. Each of my friends have a bench to themselves. For reasons unknown we have arranged the benches into a horseshoe shape. I notice that we are each wearing very peculiar hats. I am wearing a woolen hat which is around 3 feet tall. Every now and again a tramp appears and runs into our horseshoe and steals one of our hats which turns out to be a very traumatic experience.

I find myself inside a hot air balloon when suddenly I am thrown by tremendous force into the air – I land in a field three miles from my original location. I walk for a while and stumble into a sophisticated cave system. There is cans of Tennants lager everywhere.   I smash my way through a wall and I am confronted by two hippos which seem to be joined together like Siamese twins. As i attempt to find a way out I encounter more and more Siamese hippos until the dream becomes unbearable and I wake up.