I am in my parents back garden listening to J’s band playing next door. I listen to them play Digsy’s dinner by Oasis which J sings. I pick up a large pot which seems to be full of urine. I pour out the urine over the back fence. I think about putting paving slabs down on top of each other so that I can stand on them and look over the back fence. I am about to open the garage door when W turns up. I rummage through the pockets of a jacket looking for something. I find a piece of paper which states that I have been in prison. W asks me if I can explain this. I tell W that I am meeting D tomorrow as he is coming up from London.

I am now walking out of my grandmothers back door in Natal Place and urinate in a large pot. An old man is walking past and this seems to offend him. I apologise and walk off.

Dreaming Location: Dominican Republic