I can see a large building which may be multi-storey flats. I get the impression that it is just one house with many floors. At the side of the house there are hundreds of bodies pilled up against the wall. It appears that there was a war. The bodies seem to have been pilled neatly as all the bodies on the bottom are wearing the same uniform.

The bodies in the middle have a different uniform and appear to be of Indian origin. The dead “soldiers” on the top all have black uniforms. As I look around the grounds there seems to be dead bodies everywhere.

I know I wasn’t involved in this war and in fact it seems out of place like it happened years in the past and I am time travelling. I look down at my hand and I am carrying a bow and arrow. I look over at the house which is now far in the distance. I can see there are bodies attached to the front of the house all of which have been speared against the wall as they fell from the roof. It is possible that they may have been climbing up the wall. The person beside me starts firing arrows at the bodies attached to the wall. The house is quite far away however he seems to be able to reach and actually hits a body. I decide to try my luck. I fire 50 arrows away but only manage to hit a body twice. However, the act of firing the arrows suddenly becomes a source of anxiety as I realise that I have carved my initials into the arrow heads. Therefore someone may think I had killed the two people I hit even although they were already dead.

I walk into the house accompanied by someone however I am only aware of his presence and do not catch a glimpse of him.  I start thinking about the arrows and how I am going to recover them. I look out of a window and I can see a car driving through a field in the distance. The driving is erratic and the car seems to be out of control. As the car gets closer I catch a glimpse of the driver and passenger. They seem to be an elderly couple. The man is driving however he has clearly lost control. I watch as the car speeds past the side of the house and down a hill into woodland at the back. Eventually the car runs out of luck and lands in the sea. It appears to have struck a tanker or large ship in the sea. Suddenly, massive waves smash through the windows and engulf the bottom floors. I feel safe enough as I believe I am on the top floor.  The house appears to topple forward slightly then stop. Someone behind me says: I like change. I begin to feel extremely hot therefore I decide to get into bed. R is there but I get the impression we are no longer together. She may be seeing someone else in the house. She will split with him soon however it seems I am only second in line.

Dreaming Location: Stockbridge, Edinburgh
Time Recorded: 9.20am

I seem to be continuing the previous dream as I think I am still in the same house. I am now sitting in a living room with a few others watching TV. I look up and Margaret Thatcher is standing there. She hands me her autobiography which she very kindly autographed. I hear my father say: are you sure? I walk out of the living room and into the kitchen there are people helping themselves to food. In the corner of the room are massive battered fish. I go over and lift one up. It is much bigger than me but quite easy to carry. I cannot remember if I in fact ate the fish but I have now moved onto a lecture theatre.

I am watching Tony Blair give a speech. However, his speech consists of him doing semaphore signals or something similar. I get in the car and appear to be driving in Thailand or Singapore.

Dreaming Location: Stockbridge, Edinburgh
Time Recorded: 12.30am