I find myself in a small gym hall wearing a suit. On a bench in front of me there is a small paper banner which reads “Kevin is an artist.”  I feel awkward and quickly grab the banner and hide it in my pocket. I suddenly notice that I am not wearing a shirt under my suit jacket which intensifies the awkwardness. I walk out of the gym hall into the hallway.

I pour myself a glass of water. I notice two women closeby. I recognise one of them as a work collegue. They seem to be having an argument and one of the women starts to cry. I reluctantly give her my glass of water in order to comfort her. I go back to the water cooler to pour myself another glass of water however there are no glasses left.

I am now standing outside on a road. I watch as a work collegue reverses my car and crashes it into a parked car. I wake up.

Dreaming Location: Stockbridge, Edinburgh
Time Recorded: 7.30am