I find myself in a basement which could also be someone’s bedroom. My dog appears and encounters an identical dog hiding in the corner. I watch as the two dogs collide with each other. My dog walks away out of the room but I notice that he now resembles a centipede as he is three times his normal length and has more than four legs.

I suddenly realise that I am late for an interview. My interview started at 2.45pm but it is now 3.10pm. I receive a phone call from the interviewer. I tell the interviewer that I realise that I am late for the interview but for some reason I do not make any effort to rearrange the interview for another time.

I am now in a building which may be an office. I recognise someone walking toward me. He appears to be the cleaner. I stop to speak to him. The man starts to reminisce however I realise that he is not who I thought he was. I look around and I now appear to be on a train without any sides. I jump off at the next station but realise that it is not my stop.

A little later I am sitting in a bus shelter with two others. The shelter begins to move upwards. I realise the shelter is connected to a JCB digger. I look behind me and there is a workman looking back at me.

Dreaming Location: Dunstan, Alnwick
Time Recorded: 9.00am