I appear to be in Dunfermline holding a tennis racket as I walk in town. I met up with an unknown man who may be M but I am unsure. We walk down a steep hill to an underground car park. We both sit on a balcony watching the people below playing tennis. It seems to be a secret tennis club for members only. I shout down to see if we can play a match. A man looks back at us. It is C, someone from a previous job. He shouts up at us: You shouldn’t be here this is a private club and you are not welcome. I think to myself why does it have a balcony then. I shout some abuse at him and run off.

I am now standing outside on a bridge. This is some furniture on the bridge and it appears to also be someone’s bedroom. I watch some people met up who appear to be going camping. They are all men. I recognise one of the men. I watch him as he takes some books out of a carrier bag. He raises one of the books above his head and asks: Whose book is this? It is a biography of the honky tonk man, the former WWF wrestler. I tell him it is my book. He looks at me and tells me the book is evil as the honky tonk man wasn’t a good man. I start to rummage through some drawers as the men set off on their trip.  

I am now standing with my parents. I tell my mother I wish to look like Elvis. She therefore uses her magic and changes my clothes into clothes that Elvis would wear. I look down and I am wearing black and white sequenced trousers and a cowboy shirt.

I now find myself in a hospital. There are two nurses lying in bed. I press a button and their beds disappear and they both fall down a slide to the floor below. They both look terrified however I tell them I need their help to escape.

Dreaming Location: Dominican Republic
Time: 6.30am