I am walking on a street and notice that someone is standing looking scared. There are two Africans waiting on the other side of the street and they seem to be bullying the man. I walk up to the man and ask him if he is okay. He asks me what he should do. I tell him he should get the bus. He thanks me and walks off.

Someone from work passes me pushing a buggy with a small child inside. I keep walking and notice that I am now on Easter Road. I walk along Albion Road and down a back alley. B is with me and we kick a ball and it rebounds of a wall. I hear someone shout: did you hit my car! I see a white car but the ball did not hit it however I realise we are now in danger. A man is appears who appears to be a gypsy. I tell B to start running. We seem to be in countryside so it is difficult to find somewhere to hide. We stop running and hide behind some rocks. I can hear the gypsy in the distance on a motorbike. There seems to be a girl on the back of the bike. The bike stops close to us. B says something which gives us away. The man and woman grab B and take him into a nearby house where they experiment on him or rape him. I stay hidden behind the rocks and I am joined by a few others. I seem to now be at work but we are working on top of a hill. At first I am acting in a TV programme which is being filmed. All I have to do is laugh and walk off the set which I seem to do quite well.

My grandmother and her friend have now appeared. We rearrange the chairs and tables and we appear to be having a business meeting. I seem to be at the bottom of the table on my own. Someone near the top signals that I should be at the other end of the table in the managers seat.  I move seats. However, the girl who was sitting in the seat comes back. She says she is the acting manager. I tell her I was chosen. She says I was only chosen because of where I was sitting but she reluctantly agrees with me and walks off. I start to log work on the computer which seems to be an old work process from about 12 years ago.

We seem to be back on top of the hill in the middle of nowhere. We are leaning on cars. I look at a clock suspended in mid-air and it says 3.10pm. I suggest to everyone we need to get back. I start to walk back and ST is there on the phone. I wait for him and we awkwardly start up a conversation while we walk.
Someone says to me: the new girl seems to be obsessed by star wars. I hear her say the word ‘droid’ in the distance. I look out the window and I seem to be in Australia. There is a massive supermarket which is called Harold’s co-op and seems to be named after Harold Bishop. Someone walks over to our table and asks if we want a crocodile. We look confused but say yes. It will be delivered the next day.

Dreaming Location: Dominican Republic