I am walking in a group of people. Someone has either fallen in a river fully clothed or fallen down drunk. In either case, the group is carrying this man along by his arms and legs. At one stage, some of his clothes are removed which I protest against. It appears that most of the people are family members and they are taking him to a house that I have never been to. When we arrive at the house I am not allowed to enter and my father asked me to go and get a bottle of coke. I leave the house and go in search of the bottle of coke. It is not long until I find a shop or a hotel reception. I enter but the experience is awkward. I end up leaving with a bottle of water instead of a bottle of coke. I enter the house and hand over the bottle to my father however he is disgusted and walks out the door. Apparently, the coke was needed to keep the man alive.

I turn around and notice the TV is on. The TV is showing underwater live footage from a divers helmet. I become aware that two young girls are also missing. Within a matter of moments the girls appear side by side on the TV drowned in the water with blood pouring from their mouths.