I am in a dentist waiting room. There are two others waiting with me although I do not know who they are. Although I am in a dentist surgery, I appear to be waiting for an operation on my “cock hole”. I receive a number of injections, however I accidently overhear a doctor say “Did we give him the cup of cortosol?”.

I now find myself waiting at the top of glenfield hill. The person waiting with me is desperate to keep hidden and I watch him weave his way in and out of the bushes.

I am now sitting in the living room waiting to go to work and I decide to put on a film or programme on the TV and attempt to write in a journal. I suddenly realise that the time is 8.10 am and I must leave soon.

I am sitting with a male work colleague in a restaurant. We appear to be the only people in the restaurant. A girl approaches us and asks if we are going on holiday with work. I turn around and notice there is four large shipping containers behind us. It seems that we are now collecting rubbish and placing them in the containers. This is now my job.

I am now watching someone performing magic with a black piece of thread and chopping board. I notice that Chris Evans is sitting in the corner of the room. There is a woman bending over him pretending to give him oral sex.