I find myself witnessing a brutal fist fight between a tall young man and a smaller older man. It becomes apparent that the younger man had been bullying the older man and appeared on a daily basis to beat him up. However, this time the older man had had enough and I was there to witness the massacre. It is clear that the older man was once a boxer but had become so down on himself and life that he had lost his confidence and fitness. This time the old man snaps and goes crazy and smashes the young man’s skull again and again with his bloody fists. The last punch knocks the young man in the air and 20 yards into a pile of rubbish. A local bin man witnesses the last punch and runs to call the police. The younger man flees pursued half heartedly by the old man. Although I am walking behind the old man I receive a call from him on my mobile. I answer. The old man is asking me what he should do. It them becomes clear that I am not actually there but I am somehow watching it unfold from my window or on my TV. I advise the old man to go home and clean himself up before the police arrive.

I find myself someone’s house with both my arms outstretched. My arms are being examined by a doctor or policeman. He tells me I am lying as the hairs on the bottom of my arms have changed colour. This means that someone in the house is scared of me or believes I am not telling the truth. I tell him I am not hiding anything.

I am now standing with R. discussing a book that one of us has just read. She hands the book to me however I cannot recall the title of the book.

I find myself involved in a football match in Beath playing fields. I appear to have skill to match Christiano Ronaldo and can easily beat anyone on the pitch. I score a spectacular goal and celebrate
with a triple somersault. I feel invincible.

I find myself in the cockpit of a plane listening to a conversation between the pilot and co-pilot. I do not think I am actually in the cockpit but I just appear to be an observer. I recognise the the pilot who appears to be the British actor Nigel Havers. I do not recognise the other man. I now find myself looking at the passengers on the plane. All the passengers on the plane appear to be Nigel Havers or Nigel Havers in disguise or costume. The scene is a mixture of the Foo Fighters video Learn to Fly and a restaurant scene from the film Being John Malkovich. My attention is dragged back to the cockpit and I watch the pilot Nigel Havers putting on a false black beard and plastic moustache. He then proceeds to invite the co-pilot to dinner at his house.

Dreaming Location: Skye IV55