I am walking looking down at my mobile phone and notice that I have paisley patterned wallpaper. I realise that I have to deliver this wallpaper to someone who is getting married.

A little later I am in a queue in a canteen. I turn around and see an older man with grey hair talking to a middle-aged woman who looks re markedly like an actress from coronation street. They appear to be meeting in secret and may be having an affair. They both move toward me and stand in the queue. I watch as two people carrying trays with stuffed robotic birds stand at either side of them. They appear to be setting them up for some scam or theft. The birds appear to be distracting the secret couple as their wallets and purses are stolen. I seem to be watching this from afar but do not react. I walk over to the counter and can see a wallet hidden under some items. The canteen counter is now a market stall. I ask the owner to give me the wallet as it is not hers. She agrees and I walk away in pursuit of its owner. I am unsure if I ever catch up with him.

I am now watching a hospital programme being filmed for the BBC. Although the set is an emergency ward we appear to be in a department store similar to Jenners or Debenhams. I appear to be taking photographs of various scenes in the programme which I will later pass of as real life action in a hospital although the characters are just actors and not real doctors or nurses.

Dreaming Location: Skye IV55