Today I find myself in a large room lying in bed. I look around and I appear to be in a brothel as a number of men are taking turns to have sex with a woman who is lying at the bottom of my bed. I do not recognise the woman but some of the men are recognisable. The whole event is extremely nihilistic.

A little later I find myself in an office listening to a man talk about his plans or designs for a building he is working on. However, it becomes apparent that he does not seem to know what he is doing as he shows me a chopping board and draws a building and skyline with his fingers.

I now appear to be at work although the building has changed. I walk for a while with my mother and sit at a table with some others. I glance at a newspaper which has a picture of the ex-footballer Kevin Wilson in a Manchester United top. My mother asks me who he played for. This confuses me as I knew he never played for Man Utd. My mother then remarks that she thought Kevin Wilson was a musician not a footballer. I did not know what to say to her.

Dreaming Location: Skye IV55