I find myself in a fight with Ewan McGregor in a hotel bar. The reason for the fight is unclear. It is not long however before we both become friends and I invite him around to my flat to either listen to music or play a musical instrument. As we walk out of the hotel the receptionist turns to me and says “Are you going outside looking like that? Why arent you wearing a suit?.” I look down at my clothes and they are scruffy – normally I would wear a suit if I am going out for dinner.

I am now walking down a busy street and I happen to catch a glimpse of my face in a traffic light. I look closely and notice my forehead is scratched and bruised from the fight with Ewan. Ewan and I arrive at my flat however as no one is in I decide to go for a walk.

While walking I realise that I am in a city which closely resembles the area of Edinburgh near John Lewis and the omni centre, however I appear to be on a large outdoor escalator. As I walk down I pass D. and two others. D completely ignores me which I find frustrating. I keep walking and realise I am on a film or TV set. I recognise some, but not all of the actors. They are all dressed in brightly coloured clothing. As I get closer to the main actor in the film I realise that it is Robbie Coltrane.

I become distracted and find myself standing outside a pub in Leith. I notice a photographer smoking outside. He is unshaven with long unwashed bushy hair. He looks homeless or an alcoholic. I peer into the window and notice a few friends sitting at one of the tables so I walk in.

I am now in a house where a crime has been committed. I am here to investigate. I speak to the suspect in the living room. The suspect is a woman around my age. She appears to have killed her husband however I do not know for sure. Suddenly, I have a flashback and I witness the murder as it unfolded. It is not clear if I am the witness to the murder or I am in fact the murderer. I grab her arm and wrestle her to the ground. I hit her with a large dildo that I find lying on the floor and read her rights. I feel guilty. She pleads with me not to send her to jail. She asks if instead of sending her to jail I come back to the house each day with an episode of Neighbours. I reluctantly agree.

I am now in the bedroom. I begin to scatter my clothes on the bed and in various places around the room. I wake up in my own flat wearing white trousers and a white shirt. I look out the window and can see a blonde woman getting out a car with some bags. I realise that the bags may be presents for me so I hide.

Dreaming Location: Stockbridge, Edinburgh