I find myself fleeing the scene and evacuating the area. I live in a village on top of a mountain however we are being invaded. I watch from afar as the village is invaded by soldiers on horseback. There are soldiers all around me in armour. However, these soldiers are different, like me, they are refusing to fight. As I walk past a school I notice that all the schoolchildren are dressed in armour. I run to my car.

I find myself in a car park. I am carrying five full plastic bags. I stop and open one up. I pull out a deflated hot air balloon. I throw it into the air and it begins to inflate. I watch it float down to the surface. Before it hits the ground I throw a £2 coin underneath it for luck. As the balloon hits the ground and the coin it explodes. Apparently there was already a £2 coin thrown which must have caused the explosion. I now find myself without any transport.

I am standing against a wall in the waiting room of the car park with my bags at my feet. It now appears to be a multi story car park however the room I am in is small. A child approaches me and looks directly at me and says “You can get a lift with us, we will be back here at 6pm, wait here.” I look over to the childs mother and she does not react so I think to myself it is a possibility.

I wait and wait for the child and mother to return. I watch the clock in the distance. When the clock reaches 6pm I realise that no one is coming until two girls appear from nowhere. One of the girls looks over to me and asks if I want a lift. It is a relief as I do in fact look threatening. I walk over to the girls who are now sitting in a meeting room at a table. However, the table appears to be the car. One of the girls asks me for £30 as she wants to make money for petrol. Although it is illegal to ask for money, I hand over £20 and tell her that is all I have. She looks at me and says “Just believe and you will find the rest.” I search deep into my pockets and grab a handful of change. I hand it over to the girl who accepts it. I sit at the table and we are on our way.

I now find myself in a remote location sitting or lying on a porch which is covered in large newspaper photos of people. I realise that all these people have been killed in this location. It becomes apparent that I am the killer. I look at the girls beside me as they appear to be my next victims.

I am now lying on the back seat of a bus which is speeding around a city. I notice cameras at various positions on the street. I am in a movie.

Dreaming Location: Stockbridge Edinburgh