2nd Jan 2003:

I found myself living in student halls and sharing a room with five others, some of which I knew. As it was the end of semester we were being evicted to make way for 500 elderly people who were taking over the university. As I packed away my belongings I looked outside the door. There was a queue of around a dozen elderly people who were waiting for me to leave. The man at the front of the queue smiled at me and took out his false teeth and used them like a yo-yo.

3rd Jan 2003:

I had spent most of the day in search of plastic chess pieces which were required for my exhibition. Today was my last chance to find them in time for the exhibition which was due to start the next day. Unfortunately, the only place that sold these sacred chess pieces was a shop in cardiff, I however was in Scotland. I do not know if I managed to acquire them in time or not.

4th Jan 2003:

I find myself on a small plane, the inside of which resembles a bus. As the plane is making its descent into the airport I get out of my seat to speak to someone and notice that the pilot is not in his seat. (There is no cockpit as the inside belongs to a bus). I realise that there is no immediate danger as the plane is flying quite comfortably on its own. However, I look at the passengers and everyone seems to be asleep. I realise that I should be asleep also. I therefore return to my seat and gradually drift off as I gaze out of the window.

5th Jan 2003:

I’m spending a day aboard a cruise ship with a friend of mine enjoying a glass of water. As I sit at my table I scan the area and notice that the cruise ship, for the most part, bears a resemblance to a house I once visited while at the same time has the suggestion of the inside of a bus yet again. Throughout the ship I recognise some familiar faces, although I am not on speaking terms with any of them.

6th Jan 2003:

My parents and I find ourselves in an airport waiting to catch a flight to an unknown destination. We are walking at pace toward the terminal which for the most part resembles a shopping mall. (Throughout the course of the dream I am in fact always five or six paces behind at all times and no matter how hard I try I cannot keep up with my parents).

7th Jan 2003:

As I was driving along the road in a car that I did not own I stopped suddenly when I noticed something lying at the side of the road. I got out the car and walked over to the white heap. It was in fact a dead puppy that appeared to have been run over. A person who I hadn’t noticed and did not know got out of the passengers seat and joined me. He suggested that I tie the puppy to the bumper as a mark of respect and to honour its mother. The idea seemed a sound one and without any ideas of my own I submitted to his request.

8th Jan 2003

I am driving to an old style University that is located in the middle of nowhere. I realise on arrival into the grounds that it is in fact a hotchpotch of St Andrews Golf Course and a house that I had seen in a film a few days previously. The car park is in the style of San Francisco’s Lombard Street but spans over a greater distance around the front of the university grounds. I park my car on a hill and walk over to the attendant who is sat outside a small hut with a large sign above her stating: £15. I gasp and I become outraged at the cost of parking. I tell the attendant that I will only be half an hour as I am returning a book to the library. This story is a complete concoction on my part but seems to do the trick as she gives me a reduced rate of £2.50 (an amount that I still believe to be excessive).

9th Jan 2003:

I was walking down a street in Melbourne toward the train station until I was stopped in my tracks by two teenagers. One of them looked directly at me and said: “You look terrible.” I did not understand why he would say such a thing to me so I decided to cross the road to escape their taunts while at the same time pretended to be drunk. I swayed from side to side across the road until I reached the other side, then I turned around and shot and killed one of them, then continued to walk normally.

11th Jan 2003

Nothing Recorded

12th Jan 2003:

Today I was the only male who entered a Ladies golf tournament which took place on a road in Cowdenbeath. However, I had to retire at the 7th hole due to bladder weakness.

13th Jan 2003:

Nothing Recorded

15th Jan 2003:

I am sitting at a desk when a strangely shaped object attracts my attention. It appears to be an egg although it is soft and can be squeezed like a sponge. As I hold it in my hand I realise it is using my energy to clone itself into two other identical objects. I manage to place the objects in my pocket just before I wake up.

16th Jan 2003:

For some reason on waking I remember the name ‘Rene Philippe’ from the dream – although I am unaware of the context.

I am walking through a building where I reach two large doors. I push them with all my force and they open onto Beath playing fields. On the grass is an extremely large bookcase full of encyclopaedia’s. I stand still and watch two women, both of which are bare breasted. They are standing on top of the bookcase attempting to thread a balloon over some telephone wires. One of them calls out to me: “Thread the balloon for me while I put some clothes on.” I agree although it was more difficult than I envisaged. Therefore when she returns she orders me to start again. Instead of attempting it again I run around a football pitch, although I become tired extremely quickly. I hear the woman call out: “You need to speed it up!” I reply: “This is the pace I always run at.” Which was a blatant lie. Instead of completing a second lap of the football pitch, I decide to run in a straight line toward my house. The reason for which appears to be due to the size of the women’s breasts, which were overwhelmingly threatening. I am now in my house.

Dreaming Location: Fife