Dream – 13th April 2004:

I talked with a stranger about the possibility of acquiring a truncheon for recreational purposes.

Dream 14th April 2004:

I attempt to drive a car into a photography exhibition. A security guard stops me at the door and says: “There is not much work for you today. You will have to park around the back”. I decide to only stay for an hour.

As I walk into the exhibition I am confronted by what appears to be thousands of black framed portraits. I look at the first photograph. It is a portrait of a pale young woman wearing blue eyeliner. The photograph appears to be holographic or computer generated. As I move away from the portrait her eyes close and her eyeliner turns red and drips down her face. Concerned I call the curator who laughs when I suggest there is something wrong with the photographs. He states: “That’s normal, all photographs change when you walk away from them didn’t you know that?”

Dream – 19th April 2004:

I am sitting in a large hall listening to a lecture on Chopin’s Nocturnes. The lecturer looks directly at me and asks: “Can you play guitar”. The question appeared strange to me but I answered. “Yes, I can.” The lecturer shakes his head and suggests that I leave as: “Anyone can play guitar”. Angry, I stand up and give an impressive speech on how I learned guitar by ear. The lecturer allows me to stay.