17th Jan 2003:

I am playing an electric guitar as I walk toward my grandmother’s old house. When I reach the house there is a black and white dog barking at me. I walk past the dog and into the house. In the bedroom I discover a plastic bag full of old records. As I look through them I become interested in a 12″ record by ‘The Stone Roses.’ The record is entitled ‘Bees’ and is a song that I know the stone roses have never recorded. I therefore become aware that I must be dreaming but wake up.

18th Jan 2003:

I hear a mobile phone ringing so I pick up the phone and answer it. The male voice on the other end asks: “Is that Keith or Kevin.” I answer: “Yes its Kevin.” The voice asks me if I would be willing to visit his house for an interview. Unfortunately, throughout the phone call the line repeatedly breaks up and I have difficulty hearing him. I walk over to the phone in the hall and ask him if he would call me on the landline. The voice replies: “I do not like phones.” Then he puts his receiver down. I realise that this is a missed opportunity.

Notes: People I do not know often mistake my first name Kevin for Keith for some reason.

19th Jan 2003:

The room I am in is reminiscent of a sleazy basement strip club, although for some reason it is brightly lit with a patio door. There are two televisions in the room. The one I am watching at the back of the room is showing a pornographic film. Instead of people the actors appear to be toy dolls or mannequins. The film involves around five or six bikini clad dolls lying face down on the ground in front of a stage. They are all watching a male and female mannequin performing a sex act on stage. The film appears to be animated (very unprofessionally) and only vaguely interests me.

At the front of the room there are around three or four Japanese businessmen crowded around the other television. At first I cannot make out what they are watching but I get the impression they are waiting for the TV to be turned on. One of the men is talking to a waitress or the manager of the establishment. I find myself leaving my body and following the waitress through to the staff area. I watch as a member of staff removes one of a number of decapitated heads from the wall, which are being held up by gold hooks. They all appear to be imitation heads except for the furthest away one, which the female waitress suggests was: “the head of a marauder – freshly caught.” All of the heads are taken out to the businessmen on a platter. I am unsure what became of them.

21st Jan 2003:

I stopped to look at his t-shirt. Although it had a large stain in the centre, it fascinated me for some reason. When I looked at it more closely the stain appeared to be a picture of a building or a tower. I walked with him for a while up some stairs and into a waiting area that was also partly a train station. We stop and are joined by three others. I take out a packet of 10 Regal Kingsize cigarettes (even although I do not smoke) and offer one to everyone in the group. However, when I look more closely I notice that all of them except one are broken near the tip. I look up at the sky and find myself outside in a large garden on a peaceful summer day.

There is a path lined with trees straight in front of me leading into the distance. I also notice a house to my right. As I stand there contemplating my next move a young woman runs across the path at a right angle. She looks familiar and I believe her to be an ex-girlfriend. As I start to chase after her I realise that I am naked. She stops after a while not far from the house and sits down on the grass. I dive onto the grass a safe distance away from her and believe that she is not aware of my presence. I lie down on my back and find a book in my hand that I was unaware of while I was running. The book is indecipherable and too complicated to read. A man of Turkish or East European origin appears. His presence frustrates me and I look up at him and state: “I take it you are here for the free custard.” He looks puzzled. I therefore stand up and notice that I am now partially dressed. I leave and walk into the house.

I am now lying in my bed and realise that I cannot move. Someone is blowing on my neck, which is extremely uncomfortable and chilling. I realise that I am now awake but I am still paralysed. There is a draft coming in through the window.

22nd Jan 2003

I am in Edinburgh although the city is not as I remember it. Princes Street remains although an airport has replaced Waverley train station. The River Thames now runs parallel to Princess Street and a skyscraper rises over the city where the Balmoral hotel once stood.

23rd / 24th Jan 2003:

It has been over three months since I have had any type of lucid experience within a dream. The last conscious state I had (or recall) was where I walked out of my house and instead of placing rubbish bags in the bucket I placed them on the bonnet of a car. I then began to think to myself this isn’t right, why are the rubbish bags on the car they go in the bucket. I then realised that I was in fact dreaming. I climbed into the car and drove for what seemed like hours in a cornfield next to the house. With great excitement I knocked down everything in my path. I keep going and created other obstacles that I could run over. After a while I thought to myself I can make this car do anything – I will make it fly. The car took off into the air. However, the excitement was too great and I woke up shortly afterwards.

The reason I am reminiscing is that I have had two lucid (or semi lucid) experiences in two days, both of which were triggered by the same signal.

23rd January:

I was inside a house holding a camera in my hand. A girl in a red tartan dress asked me to take her picture. I noticed that the wallpaper behind her was tartan also. As I composed the photograph through the viewfinder I detected a distraction behind her. It was an empty photo frame. I walked over to the wall and as I reached up to take the frame down I noticed my right hand and paused. I knew that something was not quite right -similar to a sense a déjà vu. I then turned to the girl in the tartan dress and said: “Wait a minute this is a dream.” However, just after I finished the sentence I woke up.

24th January:

The details of the actual dream are very vague and only one vivid image remains. I closed the door of a cellar and walked up some stairs toward the main outside door. I stopped suddenly and realised I hadn’t locked the cellar door. Therefore, I went back down the stairs and indeed the door was slightly ajar. I reached my right hand over to bolt the door closed but stopped. I looked at my hand and got the same feeling of déjà vu. I began to question what I was doing but as soon as I realised it was a dream I woke up.

The reason my hand was the trigger on both occasions is due to the fact that in reality I have been consciously carrying out tasks with my non-dominant hand. I am right-handed however for a while I have been carrying out all daily tasks (e.g. brushing my teeth, opening doors, spreading toast, writing etc) with my left hand instead of my right hand – in an attempt to stop me going on automatic. I therefore became aware that I should have been using my left hand to open the door??

My hands have always been a powerful dream sign or trigger for lucidity within a dream. When I first became interested in lucid dreaming, for my critical state testing I placed a large ink dot in the middle of my palm and on the back of my right hand. Every time I consciously noticed one of dots I would ask myself “Am I dreaming or am I awake?” I would then either find some text to read twice or look for inconsistencies around me. This method was relatively successful for a while. A number of times while I was dreaming I noticed my hand and either became lucid or at least began to question whether it was in fact a dream. This is mainly why hands are often prominent within my images as my most powerful dream or lucid experiences have resulted from me catching a glimpse of my hand. In fact, the symbol of the eye in the palm of a hand was a direct result of me using this ink dot method and also remembering a scene from a film I watched when I was younger. I remember having a dream where I noticed my hand but the ink dot in the palm and back of my hand had been replaced by an eye looking back at me. I woke up straight away. Therefore the eye for me has always stood for inner awareness – being awake within a dream. I must remember to write something on my site about this. My experiences with lucid dreaming are extremely sporadic and extremely dissapointing of late – I have to try harder.

25th Jan 2003 :

I again find myself in the city centre of Edinburgh. However, this time I am piloting a small aircraft that appears to be technologically advanced. I was given special permission to fly the aircraft low over the city centre since one of my passengers had a disease or long-term illness. The controls were minimal where it was simply a case of pressing a button to go to the destination I wanted. Despite this, I still had trouble deciphering the code for each destination. The names of cities had been replaced by a four-letter code. For example, Aberdeen was represented by the letters ‘POOR’ or ‘ROOR’. The first letter of each code somehow representing compass bearings. The ‘P’ or ‘R’ stood for ‘NORTH.’

I can recall a gunfight around a car that was a flagrant representation of a sexual act. Also, outside a house on Princes Street I emptied the contents of a black bag onto a mattress. The bag was full of millions of pieces of black fluff from a jersey I had lost a few days previously.

26th Jan 2003:

I woke up around 4.40am after experiencing a lucid state within my dream. The scene that caused the consciousness was reminiscent of the mad hatters tea party. I walked into a house and was greeted by a maid. Immediately on entering I began to get a feeling of déjà vu, which now seems to be a trigger for me. The surroundings looked strange to me although at this point I accepted what the maid told me and followed her into the kitchen. However, on entering the kitchen I started to laugh. The scene was so ludicrous that there was no way I could accept it.

There was a round table in the middle of the kitchen. Sitting at the table was a cat pouring a cup of tea. The maid was sitting directly across the table from the cat. The cat spoke to me and invited me to sit down with them. I knew that this was not real and said: “You cant fool me this is a dream.” To confirm that I was in fact dreaming I looked at a flat analogue clock that was lying on the table. The clock stated six o’clock. I looked away then looked back at the clock expecting it to show a different time however it still showed the time of six o’clock. This momentarily convinced me and I sat down at the table but straight away I stated: “No, this is a dream, this is definitely a dream.” The cat replied “its not a dream – you should eat your dinner.” The maid then stated: “It’s not a dream – stop being silly – eat your dinner.” However, I knew that they were both trying to deceive me but I just needed some evidence to convince myself fully.

There was a TV on in the background that was showing footage of Neil Armstrong landing on the moon. I turned to the cat and said, “Watch this I will show you it’s a dream.” I picked up a fork and threw it at the TV. However, instead of the fork disappearing into the TV as I expected it just landed on the floor as it would in reality. I did not understand. I then turned to the cat and said,”Look you’re a cat, you are speaking to me – this is a dream.” Just as I finished the sentence the cat jumped into the air and flew toward me. I picked up a knife from the table and stabbed it in its stomach. “See, I knew you were lying this is a dream.” The dream scene begins to fade and I realise that I am now in control. Unfortunately, I did not know what to do. I had made no pre-arranged plan. Therefore all I could see was this magnificent multi coloured pattern in front of me. It seemed to have been put there until I figured out what I wanted to do. Just as I thought of something I felt my grip loosening and I woke up. Yet another missed opportunity.

Dreaming Location: Fife