Dream: August 31st 2004

I attempt to start a car but the key is unpredictable and only enters part of the way into the ignition before bending. The engine eventually starts however I find myself freewheeling down a hill with minimal control over the vehicle. I make another attempt to put the key in the ignition but the key is now made of rubber and the task becomes impossible.

Dream: 7th August 2004

There is a fire in the building. I am holding flowers. There is a wrestling match over there. Sparks are flying from the generator. A man with inspector gadget legs bounces past me but smashes into the roof. The flowers are now a kitten. A photographer runs up to me and asks if I want my picture taken with the kitten. I climb in a window but realise I have dropped the kitten. My sister will not take flowers to my grandmothers grave. I am outside in a canoe floating in a pond with plastic crocodiles all around us.

Dream: 4th August 2004

I am involved in a groundhog day robbery in a large mansion. There are three of us, including myself. We are attempting to rob the mansion while it is still densely populated. Our aim is to get in and out without being seen. As soon as we are seen by a dream character, we revert back to the time we first entered.

I stand on a plant which alerts the owner to our presence. The owner shouts for everyone to leave. I am being framed. I am the only one who is following the pattern to perfection. I am handed three CD’s and a set of keys. This is the end. I must leave.

Dream: 3rd August 2004

A driving range ash bullring with prehistoric creatures chasing anything that moves. I run the risk of being killed if I move from my rock. I pull back the bed sheets to discover a bloated mass of red puss which once was a woman. It is still breathing.