I awake to find someone has slipped a note under the door.

A table has been set in the middle of the room. So I sit down. It is strange as although I appear to be a vegetarian, my mouth begins to salivate.Before I have the chance to make my first incision, I am interrupted by a loud squeal.I get up from the table and walk back toward the door. I take another look at the note.

I have been here so long that I no longer know if he is real or not. My mouth begins to salivate at the sight on my plate. Do you recognise me? Do you know who I am? I answer him but the words do not leave my mouth. I am shaking yet I am not scared of him. I see him everywhere I go. I see him everytime I shut my eyes. I must sleep now, I must go to sleep. I walk back towards my bed but notice that there is now a crumpled piece of paper lying next to the door. So I open it…She seems to be juggling hypodermic needles in the air and asks me to choose one.

It soon becomes apparent that I am waiting for an operation, although I do not feel ill. Isolation. I no longer feel any pain. I listen attentively to what is being said…

I am told I have 29% Myalgic Encephalomyelitis with a 6% trace of E-coli. This does not make any sense. My thoughts scatter…My attention is drawn to the far wall where someone is performing a magic trick. The magician removes his hand and reveals a dot on the wall.

The dot appears to be growing larger although I can not say for certain.