Something is not quite right. I am being suffocated. I look around and people are in unison. Walking to the same step. Following their pre-defined path. They are no longer alone. They are one. Obey, conform, and continue.

Our senses have been numbed. We have been poisoned. Our freedom has been compromised. Our imagination has been suppressed and replaced by television, a mass brainwashing tool. Transmitting transient images carefully selected to control our thoughts and our way of life. Enabling us to receive electromagnetic waves of propaganda into our homes. Bringing us closer together. We must obey, conform and continue.

We are controlled by fear. Watching a news broadcast or reading a newspaper is a disturbing, even nauseating experience. The only purpose of the media is to install fear and anxiety into our lives. A relentless daily bombardment of terrorism, war, murder, rape, paedophilia keeps us sedated, conditioned, submissive and afraid. Our minds are not equipped to deal with such atrocities. The world is a dangerous and violent place. Freedom is for sale, but we must not question. We must obey and conform in order to continue.

Sexual imagery has been hammered into our subconscious, allowing the media to prey on an unconscious fear of sexual inadequacy. This is where we are most vulnerable. Pornography reinforces this fear. It exists to portray the misguided fantasy that sex can be something more than simply a mechanism to enable the survival of the species. We must be in a relationship. We must be engaged in a sexual act. We must not be alone. We must obey, conform and continue.

We are forced to accept the sickening notion that the routine of work is a necessity of life. We must endure work at all costs. We must endure the rituals, the mindless idle chatter. If we do not conform then we become isolated. Work makes us dull and submissive but we must earn a living. We need money but we can never have enough. We must sacrifice the greater part of our life now so that we can enjoy a comfortable retirement. We must accept this. It is the way. Obey, conform and continue.

A revolution is necessary, a revolution of the mind. The revolution begins and ends with the individual. Imagination is the only defence mechanism we have. Abandon work; switch off the mobile phone, the television, the laptop, the car and retreat into your imagination. Imagination is impenetrable. You are safe there. There are no rules to conform to. There is no fear. There is only freedom.