Hoss (2010) carried out a content analysis of 38,063 dream reports to investigate the significance of colour in dreams. According to Hoss, most of our dreams contain some colour content although we rarely recall the colour upon waking. The focus of the study was on the frequency of specific colours rather than whether dreams contained colour or not.

Hoss discovered that black and white (named individually as colours) were the most frequently reported colours. Next was Red followed by the group of yellow, green and blue. Brown was also a significant colour.

Hoss concluded that the specific colours that we recall from dreams do not appear to be wholly influenced by waking visual experience or by personal preferences. Colour appears to be more closely linked to neurological mechanisms and psychological factors/emotional response. Hoss believes the recall of colour from dreams is an important area for continued study.

Hoss (2010) Content analysis on the potential significance of colour in dreams: A preliminary investigation. International Journal of Dream Research Volume 3 No. 1