I am currently working on the next instalment of the Pigman series which will probably be the final part but I am not sure when these will be available but should be soon. The Pigman series is a combination of images from various dreams I have had. I do not usually combine dreams but in this case I have grabbed images/ideas/logic from a number of dreams and combined them all together into one long sequence. The strange thing though is although they are all separate dreams they seem to have sewn together nicely and it flows like it is one dream.

After the Pigman series I think I will be working on resurrecting the Drunken Santa series which is something I have been meaning to do for a long time – especially with xmas around the corner seemed like the best time. All the images in the Staged photography section on my website are work in progress and I have always intended on expanding upon each of them at some point.


Please check back on my website each day for the next week or two as I will be posting a blog entry each day. Most of these will be dream transcriptions which I have collected over the past week when I have been away on holiday in Skye but I will also be posting some questions and answers and other random things.